New Webflow Project

Hey what’s up Musers! It’s been an interesting few months since Adobe announced that they were no longer going to continue development on Adobe Muse. Shortly after the news I started looking for other visual web design and development platforms I thought Adobe Muse users would enjoy using. After extended research and trying various platforms I’ve landed on an amazing platform called “Webflow.” This platform is light years ahead of Muse, and it is using the latest web design and development technologies.

Once I had decided that I would be working with Webflow I quickly started developing my new project titled “WebDev For You.” The new project can be found here:

WebDev For You

At “WebDev For You” I provide daily interactions to give you fresh ideas for your own projects. You will also find premium content videos that are very closely related to the functionality of the “Muse For You” widgets. I will be offering templates very soon as well. I hope with this new project to create a community of web designers and developers who are passionate about web design and development in Webflow, and I invite you to be one of the first members in the community.


Webflow Features:

Webflow includes the major elements designers and developers look for when building a website. These include:

  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • E-Commerce (Coming Soon)
  • Ability to create intricate animations
  • Client side editing
  • Flexbox
  • CSS Grids (Coming Soon)
  • Forms
  • Ability to add custom code

And much, much more.

Here is a video directly from Webflow about migrating from Adobe Muse:


Final Thoughts

This announcement is only for those who are looking to migrate from Adobe Muse since development is no longer active and support for Adobe Muse will be discontinued in 2020. I know many will still want to use Adobe Muse, and that is why “Muse For You” is still providing templates and the occasional widgets. We are still here to support your endeavors with Adobe Muse, and are in no way saying we are closing or no longer providing this service.


Thank you for the continued support!

-John Ramos
Muse For You

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